Steve Forbert’s Other New Album

Steve Forbert  Get Your Motor Running UPDATE: See Below for link to 12/1/12 Concert Review

***** (5/5)

I can’t take it anymore.  Really, I can’t!  I have been sitting on pins and needles in anticipation of Steve Forbert’s Sept. 11th release of  Over with You. His first studio album in three years. With each passing day, the wait becomes more and more unbearable. To make matters even worse, the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, TX has yet to begin selling tickets to Steve’s December 1st concert.  What’s a Forbert fan to do?!?!

Well fortunately, I was able to put my anxiety aside for a little bit (roughly forty minutes or so, but who’s counting?) while I enjoyed a sneak preview of Steve’s new live album entitled, Get Your Motor Running.   The album, recorded at The Temple Theater in Meridian, MS., is currently being offered as part of an Over With You bundle available only on Steve’s website, but it should also see a general release on its own later this year.

Those who follow Forbert know that live albums from the singer are nothing new.  Steve often releases solo concert performances in bundle packages as well as treating fans to occasional free downloads throughout the year.   But make no mistake about it, there is nothing ordinary about Get Your Motor Running…or any live album from Forbert.

While normally pleasing audiences with just his unique voice, reliable guitar and trusty harmonica, Forbert surprisingly shares the spotlight on GYMR with The Queen City Fever Band (Clay Barnes, Lead Guitar/Clay Ames, Bass/Adam Box, Drums).  One might expect this union to bring new life to Forbert’s songs, but instead, it simply brings them to life, which is the beauty of the album.  The arrangements of Forbert’s songs in this full band setting are natural, not forced.  You feel as if you are listening to the songs as they were originally conceived or in some cases, how they evolved over the years. Forbert and band manage to keep the heart and soul of each song in tact while boosting the “toe tapping” factor ten fold! You would think the two had been playing gigs together for decades.

You will find new arrangements however on the cover songs, “Born To Be Wild” and “Heartbreak Hotel.”  On both tunes, Forbert works his magic, creating his own unique style and sound, turning both songs into Americana gems.  Dare I say that the judges on ‘American Idol’ would be proud of Steve for making the songs his own?

So, alas…here I am with yet another thing to anxiously wait for! I think I’ll go pitch my tent in front of the mailbox and hope that my Steve Forbert bundle arrives early!

Read our review of Steve’s Dallas concert here.

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