Album Review – John Waite

John Waite "Best"

Best, the brand new CD by John Waite, is more than a greatest hits album. It is a stunning collection of songs by a singer who, some 40 years down the rock ‘n’ roll highway, is still performing at his best. 

Rather than compiling a set of songs from his past, Waite went into the studio to re-record a few of his hits including the ‘80s mega-hit “Missing You” and The Baby’s classic tune “Back on My Feet Again.” The latter of which features a guitar driven sound that turns the ‘70s anthem into an all-out rocker. 

Waite, wisely so, also includes a generous portion of material from his most recent albums: Rough & Tumble and Live All Access. Both projects feature blistering, raucous rock tunes from Waite’s three-piece band. The simple, but powerful, song arrangements are electrified by Waite’s incomparable voice. Live renditions of “Change,” “Head First,” “Evil,” and “Saturday Night” provide straight forward, no B.S. rock ‘n’ roll at its finest. Like a shot of whiskey at the end of a hard day, these songs hit the spot and then some.

From whiskey to fine wine, Waite’s Best also includes unplugged versions of “Bluebird Café” and “I’m Ready.” Along with “In Dreams,” this mesmerizing three-song sequence had me lost in the beauty of both Waite’s voice and his storytelling.

On “Downtown,” the second to last track on Best, Waite sings, “Do you remember me? I sang that song you like, way back in ’83. Number one, high as a kite.” Even if a few people have forgotten about “Missing You,” Waite shouldn’t worry. With a collection of hits under his belt, and a new rocking three-piece band at his side, John Waite’s Best proves that the singer is still at his best…which no doubt will have fans coming back for more!

Best is currently available for purchase on both iTunes and John Waite’s website.


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