New Tunes Tuesday – Loverboy

Loverboy "Unfinished Business"

Loverboy is ready to settle some unfinished business with their first album of all-original studio recordings in seven years. Unfinished Business consists of demos written as far back as 40 years ago. Guitarist Paul Dean and the band recently finished the tunes as a show of appreciation to their fans.

The album, whose title was selected through a Facebook fan vote, is a treasure trove of tunes that capture Loverboy’s iconic sound. Packed with catchy synthesizer riffs and blazing guitar solos, Unfinished Business instantly transports fans back to the ‘80s. “Countin’ the Nights” could have easily been one of the band’s hits in their heyday, while the power ballad “Come Undone” is the perfect soul mate to the band’s 1985 hit, “This Could Be the Night.”

Unfinished Business also showcases some out of the ordinary and fun musical arrangements from the band including surf rock guitar riffs by Dean on “Slave” and ragtime piano work by Doug Johnson on “Doin’ It the Hard Way.”

Unfinished Business is available on iTunes and Amazon.


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