Tesla Announce New Live Album


Think lightning never strikes the same place twice? It does with California rockers Tesla. The band has just announced that they will release a live recording of their classic debut album, Mechanical Resonance, on August 26. Mechanical Resonance Live! celebrates the 30th anniversary of the album that propelled Tesla into the rock ‘n’ roll spotlight with hits such as “Little Suzi” and “Modern Day Cowboy.”

“30 years later and the songs on our first album still rock,” says guitarist Frank Hannon in the band’s press release. “Making this new live album of Mechanical Resonance was a reminder of the innocence and creative beginnings of Tesla.”

Bassist Brian Wheat adds, “It was a lot of fun to re-visit some of the songs we hadn’t played in decades and had a great time recording it.”

Mechanical Resonance Live! is also being released in conjunction with Tesla’s summer tour opening up for Def Leppard. The album includes a bonus studio track written and produced by Def Leppard’s Phil Collen called “Save That Goodness.” The two bands, along with REO Speedwagon, will make a stop in North Texas on August 24 at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas. 

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