Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon's Guitar PickI was attending an REO Speedwagon concert when all of a sudden…from out of nowhere…it hit me.  Smack! Right between the eyes!  A guitar pick flung by lead singer Kevin Cronin. Though it was intended for a woman behind me, the pick wound up in my hands and became my first official rock and roll souvenir.

Since then, I have considered it my duty to see REO whenever the band comes to town. This sense of loyalty is also what fuels this blog.  It is a way for me to pay homage to the bands whose music has inspired me over the years.  It is a way to help spread the word about their latest projects, upcoming tours and other interesting tidbits.  But most importantly, this blog is meant to show that classic rock is alive and well!

Classic Rock Blog isn’t intended to be a stuffy critique blog or know-it-all blog.  It is a place where fans can come together and share thoughts and opinions on the music and artists they care about.

So…dive in, join the discussion and…keep an eye out for flying guitar picks the next time you’re at a show!

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  1. Just discovered your site. Keep up the good work. Our music will always live on.

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